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Digital art demonstration.

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Digital Art Demonstration
Demonstration of digital works service will allow you to decorate any interior and be in the avant-garde trends of contemporary art.

Suitable for private, business and entertainment and spaces such as:
• exhibitions, galleries, public events;
• business lounges, lounges, co-working spaces, restaurants, hotels, reception areas, waiting rooms;
• private homes and collections.

Demonstrations can be performed on the customer's screens or on digital panels available for rent.
NFT Consulting

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a unique digital asset created and stored in a public blockchain network. It is used for digital artworks as an instrument of purchase/sale and proof of ownership history.

• Helping to create NFT, presenting at NFT venues, consulting.
• Developing a strategy for combining digital and physical art objects for NFT audiences.
• Promotion of creativity to the target audience of collectors, museums.
• Presentation of works for realization through specialized channels, PR.
• Curating and agenting at digital exhibitions, NFT marketplaces, auctions.
• Increasing the value of the artist's work and income from its sale on the secondary market.
• Legal support.

• Advising on the NFT market, the mechanics of buying and selling NFT art.
• Providing analytics on sales in the primary and secondary NFT markets.
• Exhibiting digital artwork with offline and online sales opportunities.
• Curating, sourcing and interacting with the digital artist community.
• Legal support.
Galleries & Exhibitions
• Consulting on the NFT market, training, helping to interact with digital artists.
• Exhibiting digital artwork with offline and online fulfillment opportunities.
• Curating, finding and interacting with a community of digital artists.
• Developing strategies to present NFT art at exhibitions, museums, and galleries.
• Promotion to the target audience of Russian and foreign NFT-collectors.
• Legal support.
• Advising on the NFT market, infrastructure, and current NFT projects.
• Providing analysis and recommendations on the NFT market.
• Evaluation of financial models for investments in existing and new NFT projects.
• Gamification of NFT fundraising in various DeFi projects to attract real world investment projects.
• Creation and promotion of collaborations for significant international crypto industry events and activities.
• Legal support and follow-up.
Artwork Certification
We help to certificate your artworks or NFT by Verisart — award-winning certification service. You can easily create professional Certificates of Authenticity securely registered on the blockchain.
Receive an exclusive free two month access to the Premium Plan on Verisart with the code DIGITALARTEXPO2021.
The code expires on May 22.

For the first time in Russia!
Public demonstration of digital art at NFT
On April 21-22, 2021, the largest Blockchain Life 2021 conference in Eastern Europe will host a demonstration of
NFT art - for the first time to an audience of several thousand people! Digital Art EXPO will present works by digital artists and collectors. NFT auctions, drawings for prizes from the artists, NFT consultations.
A highlight will be the digital debut of a famous pop art artist with an auction for his first NFTs.

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